Where we operate

Focuses, primarily, on properties in Umbria and in the area of Tuscany, bordering Umbria, however, we are able through our network, to source and restore in most locations in Italy.

With regard to our restoration business we have a reputation for creating real value.  We source our properties very carefully and manage the projects in a way that meets or exceeds initial expectations. We aim, always, to deliver a quality product, for which we are known, on time and on budget, and to avoid any ‘surprises’.

How we operate

The Montecastelli group of companies, provide a ‘full service’ for the acquisition, restoration and management of your property in Italy.

We believe that it is important to understand each individual brief clearly and concisely in order to help us find properties that are a sound investment for the long run. We are experienced in working with clients who live far away and we are willing to travel to meet our clients on their own home turf. Clearly defined briefs limit time wasting and enable our clients to actually enjoy their stay in Italy, whilst they are here.

We pay particular attention to making sure that all arrangements are completely transparent and in accordance with the rules and regulations that govern the industry. Upon completion all properties have a clean bill of health with all the necessary permissions and certificates approved and in place.

Services we provide

  • Purchase and sales
  • Property consultancy and search
  • Comparative analysis of different opportunities
  • Property valutations
  • Financial planning and legal advice
  • Insurance
  • Design, planning, restoration and renovation
  • Architectural design, interior design, furniture and fabrics
  • Garden landscaping